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Inferno is a playground for pepperheads. With artisanal products that range from fermented hot sauces to exotic peppers, along with a wide-array of extremely spicy foods from around the world; Inferno is your one-stop-shop for gourmet heat. And, as a full-fledged tasting room with over 45 hot sauces available to try each day, you can bravely test your own personal heat index with our uniquely inspired Scoville heat meter. However, be warned: although our samples are free, the milk isn’t.

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Fresh ingredients

Our hot sauces are made with TLC – using real and fresh ingredients hand-picked by our creators.

Fire it Up

From mild, medium, and hot to blazing hot, we have a level of heat that will suit your needs.

All Heat &
Savory Flavors

Choose from our assortment of spices today!